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Comics from 3D setakon BoyGame - a story of the life of students and seniors. Boys and girls entering adulthood, learn the joy of sex, in the comics setakon BoyGame depicts the history of sexual experimentation and adventures of inexperienced young men and women.
BoyGame - it is always a story just pure sexual relationship where there is no place to sexual violence against the person.
All comic book characters have real prototypes, which at the time of their sexual escapades are over 18 years. The author is not responsible for the accuracy of tell a story. All names and scenery are replaced with fictitious, altered the face of heroes.

The author is not engaged in child pornography! Requests to include children in the comics of sexual relations are not considered by the author!

Age heroes setakon my comics - 18 years of age or older. In stories about the strasheklassnikov American high school students are due, which at the time of graduation marks 18 years already, and are already fully developed physically, morally and sexually.

If you are looking for child pornography - leave this site and look for it elsewhere.
For others want a nice view of sexual histories of the finest pores of his youth.



BoyGame shotacon 3D comix "Disguise"

Alex (18-year-old high school) after school comes into the bedroom his sisters to try on her clothes. What would you see yourself in a girly dress the part - bring a mirror. From the form of his own body, he is excited. Alex chooses a more sophisticated posture, from which it arises member. Ends an active process of masturbation.

42 images, December 2011

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BoyGame shotacon 3D comix "Shotacon"

Denis and Anton - graduates of military schools. The boys live in the barracks and go to town on weekends (if you're lucky). The school put the play where Denis and Anton dropped out to play female roles. The children were given women's wigs and clothes ...
Once the rehearsal lasted till night, and Dennis went to the gym with mirrors in girly clothes. Kind of a girl in the mirror aroused him, and he accepted to masturbate more and more excited by what he saw in the mirror.
The class comes to Dennis Anton. The boys, seeing each other in girly clothes, imbued with sympathy for the images of each other, and the sex games begin.

24 images, January 2012

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Class story

BoyGame shotacon 3D comix "Class story!"

high school Artemiy (18) comes after school to an empty class, and suddenly feel a strong sexual arousal. He undresses, and walks to class naked, arousing a means at hand. Suddenly, the class includes a teacher, finding that Artemia naked, throws him out of class. The boy leaves the naked class.
Having experienced such humiliation, decides to take revenge Artemy teacher. He comes to class with a gun, and at gunpoint forces the teacher to undress and show him a strip tease in the classroom. During a Artemy excited, and the teacher has his affection. The teacher agrees. Artemy shows a good lover, and brings the teacher to orgasm. The teacher enters with Artem in sexual activity. Like both the process and has been going on in good faith.

39 images. February 2012

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BoyGame shotacon 3D comix "Perfomance"

Artemije - the son of wealthy parents, living with them in the estate. At the 18th anniversary of the artists come to him: a woman and her son. During his speech, Artemy requires that striptih arranged in masochistic garb. The actress refuses to anger, and hurt Artemia in the face.
Insulted by the boy returned with a gun, and at gunpoint forces a woman to wear a suit masochist. The woman obeys and shows striptease. Artem is not enough, he tells the young man, an artist put a stick in the parsley penis woman. Performers are subject to.
But this is not enough Artemije, he tells the young actor to strip and engage in sexual intercourse with his mother. During the strip artist, Artemy suited to it, that would speed up the process, but the actor is a clever guy - he pulls out a gun Artemia, then knocks on the floor in order.
Actors in a rage. They decide to punish the rich boy's gone too far. Artemia strip and insert the gun into his anus; terrible pain pierces Artemia, he cries and cries.
Meanwhile, artists are going to go away. But Artemy rises, takes a gun and shoots his charges into the back of the departing artists.

36 images. March 2012

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Peep show

BoyGame shotacon 3D comix "Peep show"

Artemije - the son of wealthy parents, living with them in a big mansion. One evening, when parents are not home, he asks his friend Maxim girl to bring him to strip.
Max leads the girl to the house to Artemije, and it flies on the table, giving Artemije see and touch all of its charms. Max is excited by stripping and ends, it sees Artemije, who after leaving the girl offers to Maxim also show striptease. Max agrees and gives Artemije see and touch myself naked.

38 images. April 2012

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Peep show 2

BoyGame - Factory

BoyGame shotacon 3D comix "Peep show 2"

Artemije, excited kind drochaschego Maxim strip ends a session with the girl and asked Maxim to stay and most show a striptease.
Max agrees and gives Artemije to play with their genitals, but during the game he is excited, offers Artemije to try oral sex ...

30 images. May 2012

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BoyGame - Factory

BoyGame shotacon 3D comix "Factory"

Andrew - 18-year-old boy during sexual maturation. He has no girl, and he likes to walk through the deserted places, and naked. Once Andrew gets to an empty factory where stripped naked and walks among the equipment.
There he encounters an engineer Sergei, who passes the shop. Andrew initially frightened man, but he said that he understood Andrew, does not punish the boy, and even offers to make money on the set.

45 images. June 2012

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Threel seeker

BoyGame shotacon 3D comix "Threel seeker"

Artemije, the son of wealthy parents Maximus leads an excursion into the basement, where there is a private museum of torture. 18-year-olds play in plotting the prisoner and the executioner.
Maxim selects the role of the prisoner, and he reschaet experience all the Tools group on the torture itself. The pain only excites the boy, and he asks his executioner on the new test for yourself ...

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Technical room (Подстанция)

BoyGame, 3D shotacon "Technical room"

Victor - 18-year-old teenage boy likes to dress in clothes of her sister. He knows the secret substation where okruzheneii equipment likes to arrange strip show.

Once he sees technical work, seeing the boy in the girl's clothes officer chases teenager, but when the boy goes in the women's skirt, working sviripeet and decides to teach the young cruel pervert.

56 images. December 2012

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Secret video

BoyGame, 3D shotacon "Secret video"

Andrew comes to an empty factory yard, where he is waiting for Sergey with a video camera. Andrew takes the props and starts to pose for a sexy dress by Sergey.
Then Sergei Andrei proposes to strip and pose naked.
Andrew agrees - skillful boy poseur. Sergei takes it in different poses, and he is excited by what he saw. He wants to connect with young people ...

52 images. August 2014

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MMA kids

BoyGame, 3D shotacon "MMA Kids"

Ultimate fighting among teenagers ... One of the newcomers won all his rivals, and even recognized favorites.
For passions to expose an adult beginner heavyweight. The fight with him will not be easy ...

About 40 images. Planned - february 2013